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     1== Samba with Media Services == 
     2UPnP is all the rage with many devices, TVs, etc.  The lack of device-specific MKV support makes it less and less desirable to make one-size-fits-all deployment.  I have Mediatomb setup to push files to my PS3, but it's prone to failure or error when I use it to transcode MKVs.   
     4That's pretty vanilla, but I am using MKV more and more, and I needed a way to push them direct to my display software & hardware, without breaking the PS3.   Enter Samba. 
     6Samba is great, but I wanted to aggregate the videos and shows the same way I can in Mediatomb.   Enter syminks. 
     8Symlinks are great, but I have data spread all over the disk.   So, we use Samba's excellent rule-breaking technology to uncork the goodness. 
     10I created a Directory called "Samba", and I man soft links to the media folders, spread across all my volumes, which I wanted to export to XBMC and Boxee via SMB.   Then I adjusted the Samba config to handle all the symlinks.   This page is for posterity, and to recall my own thinking. 
     12=== The Interesting Config Bits === 
     16  unix extensions = no 
     20 path = /data/Samba 
     21 guest ok = ye 
     22 read only = yes 
     23 follow symlinks = yes 
     24 wide links = yes 
     25 forceuser = media